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Port with what?

Port with what?

The association of Vintage Port with a mature blue cheese such as Stilton is one of the great classic food and wine combinations. The soft buttery texture, mellow character and piquancy of the cheese are perfectly matched by the powerfully majestic flavours of the Vintage Port

Aged Tawny Ports with their characteristic mellow spicy, nutty and oaky aromas, silky palate and opulent flavours should be served slightly chilled. A 10 year old would make a delicious aperitif but is equally good matched with a hard, nutty cheese or a pudding such as apple pie, tarte tatin, baked figs or cooked strawberries with pepper.

The 20 year old is excellent with creme brulee, honey and almoind cake and cheeses such as Parmesan and Manchego. The 40 year olds need no accompaniment, except time to savour them and a good armchair.

Ruby Ports are the ideal partner for the cheeseboard or chocolate dessert. Full flavoured cheeses such as a mature cheddar or chocolate pot with some red berries will tantalise the taste buds and make sure you reach out for the bottle to charge your glass again.

Reserve Ports crammed with luscious black fruit flavours cry out for a cheeseboard with a ripe and redolent Pont L'Eveque, a creamy Brie or an Italian Taleggio.

Keep a bottle of white Port in your fridge at all times. The perfect drink with some salted almonds and some hand cut crisps.

Choose from

  • Grahams 1977 vintage Port
  • Dows 2001 Vintage Port
  • Churchills 1997 Vintage Port
  • Fonsecca Guimaraens 1996 Vintage Port
  • Grahams 10 year old Tawny
  • Churchills 10 year old Tawny
  • Barros Colheita 1996
  • Butler Nephew 10 year old
  • Butler Nephew 20 year old
  • Butler Nephew 40 year old
  • Butler Nephew 2003 vintage Port

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