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Sella & Mosca Wine Tasting

Featured in Saturday 17th February tasting

Three great wines from this prestigious Sardinian Wine Estate

Sella & Mosca’s I Piani estate in Sardinia constitutes the second largest contigious vineyard in Italy and counts itself amongst the Country’s most impressive wineries.


We kicked off with their Terre Bianche Torbato produced from 100% Torbato grape variety. A single grape introduced several centuries ago from Spain.

The stems are fragile and bend easily as grape bunches develop and are liable to drop to the ground on account of the increased weight. While wine producers have abandoned this high maintenance grape variety, Sella & Mosca has dedicated resources to protecting this rare but compelling legacy of Sardinia’s rich and ancient winemaking heritage.

Notably fragrant with primary fruit aroma’s. Complex and persistent. Very elegant. Fresh, crisp & flavourful with a naturally assertive and pleasing acidity, complimented by nuances of vanilla derived from the oak ageing.

Enjoyed by all at the tasting, it is a must for all wine enthusiasts to try - £19.50


100% Cannonau, the Sardinian for “Grenache”.

It offers a mesmerising scent, redolent of violets. Warm, dry and harmonious with plumy fruit flavours and an aristocratic oak overtone - £18.95

Very popular, it shared equal popularity on the night with Tanca Farra which came next.


50% Cannonau 50% Cabernet Sauvignon

The aroma was full, with mature fruit, herbaceous and tarry notes.

The palate was full bodied, dry, balanced & harmonious. Elegant structure with soft tannins.

Preferred over the Cannonau by Jane and others and loved by David and Annie Krish and Michael. Richard and Mike went for the Cannonau but enjoyed the Tanca Farra as well.

Great wine with hearty red meats, game and mature dishes - £26.95