Copy of mail sent out to Wine Circle members.

We have been pressing Runnymede Borough Council for some time about the lack of short – term parking available to residents, businesses and visitors to the Village.

A letter has been sent to our ward councillor, the leader and chief executive of the Council, the contents of which are set out below.

The lack of car parking facilities in the village has obviously been caused by the sale of the Bourne car park for the development of residential housing in its place. The development itself was passed by the Council with inadequate car parking facilities for its residents and none for visitors that such a development would attract.

In addition to that planning permission was also given to the new apartments in Station Parade with no regard to the further car parking needs this would create.

In other words a total lack of planning and regard to the adverse effects this would have on the infrastructure, congestion, businesses and residents in Virginia Water. Planning should of course take this into account when granted. One must ask the question – Would the developments have been passed by Council if the benefit of the sale was to an individual and not the Council. I think not.

We are now left with a situation whereby the Council has not allowed for everyday access to the Village because of the total lack of short – term parking bays. Commuters can now buy annual season tickets for a mere £700 which at most would cost them £2.69 to park all day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks of the year. Other commuters can buy a ticket for all day parking for a mere £7. What other option does a commuter have when limited parking is available due to the Councils planning decisions.

So the effect of this is that we are left with no spaces for residents and other visitors to gain access to the village which is essential for its survival. The car park is full by 9am or earlier in the morning. Cars are seen daily driving backwards and forwards before giving up and driving away.

Residents are now extremely angry with the Councils lack of concern and ability to help alleviate the problem. The doctor’s surgery, dentist, chemist, post office, shops and restaurants are badly affected. This is the result of planning decisions taken by the Council for their own gain at the expense of all in Virginia Water.

What we now need and need quickly is at least 2/3 rows of parking spaces with a restriction of 2 hours so that there is a turn – around for people to access the village. Blue lines marking the bays with adequate signage can be put into effect quickly. Bearing in mind the cost of parking for annual season ticket holders and all – day parking this should be taken into account when the cost of short – term stay is calculated. Not a difficult task by any means. A simple exercise.

With regard to the limited British Legion car park facility, it is imperative there is adequate signage directing people there and the sign placed in front of the entrance stating it is a private parking area be moved further along the private road so people are aware they can actually park there. I have brought this up with James Periton of the Wentworth Estates Road Committee but he refuses to move it. I have asked Carol Manduca our local Councillor to take this up with him as it is in the Council’s interest as well.

This need’s resolving as a matter of extreme urgency and does not need to take weeks or months to sort out. Businesses are losing substantial monies on a daily basis and residents are badly affected. I have personally been told residents have been unable to find parking for attending the doctor’s surgery, having missed dental appointments, collecting pensions from the post office etc. etc., It cannot be allowed to continue. The Council has benefited hugely from the sale of the Bourne car park and has a moral duty to remedy the mess they have created.

Please join the many that wish to save our Village by emailing your concerns and frustrations direct to –

[email protected] – Ward Councillor

[email protected] – Chief Executive

[email protected] – Leader of the Council

[email protected] – Chairman Wentworth Residents Association

Sonny Jafri