After much deliberation the council has decided on providing 10 spaces for short term parking in the Bourne car park. How they arrive at that number is anyone’s guess. Method and organisation is by no means their strong point.

In a Full Council meeting on July 20th 2017 it was decided that –

  1. The proposal to extend the car park by 45 spaces, making a total of 90 spaces available on a 50:50 basis to commuters and shoppers, be noted;
  2. This arrangement be reviewed to ensure that it is working well for residents; and
  3. The Chief Executive be authorised to conclude arrangements for the implementation of the car park and memorial proposals.

In addition it was noted at the meeting – “The Council would be re-providing parking which had been lost following closure of the Bourne car park and a CAPITAL RECEIPT had been obtained from the developer of the Bourne car park in return for NOT REQUIRING the developer to provide replacement parking in Virginia Water.”

This should be of concern to all who support this Council

I have asked Paul Turrell, the Chief Executive yet again to explain why the decision was not carried through. A decision on which businesses based their strategy going forward.

Cllr Parshotum who is standing for re election in May has told Carol Manduca that 10 spaces is a good first step. How he has the effrontery to say that after 2 years when the Council agreed a 50:50 split and when he was a councillor and during which time he has done nothing to help our cause. He who is standing for re election in Virginia Water.

Shameful in the extreme and deserves no place on this Council.

Meanwhile yet another councillor, Stewart Mackay ( Conservative – Addlestone) sites bullying, intimidation and infighting by the Leader of the Council who has already been made to apologise in writing to one councillor for his treatment of her.

Disgraceful is an understatement.

Whist we fight for what was promised for Virginia Water we are served by a council set upon bullying, intimidation and thuggery to the detriment of us all.

Sonny Jafri