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Report of Saturday Wine Tasting of Bordeaux wines Part 5 on 23rd April

Part 5 – It was time to summarise the last four weeks.

The final round up was for me to introduce some wines that I have enjoyed over the last four weeks. You would think that as we have been covering Bordeaux, which is red wine dominated that my choices would be just that. But no, I mentioned over the weeks to search beyond the usual go to regions and go off piste.

There are hidden gems in other places less known to many. So I went for two white wines instead, to much surprise.

Chateau Peybonhomme “Le Blanc Bonhomme” Biodynamic 2020
Just a lovely wine from this 148 acre property, Bordeaux’s most extensive organic vineyard, situated on the Right Bank of the Gironde , a small commune near Blaye. A blend of Semillon, Sauvignon and Colombard. The wine is so expressive with fresh acidity that perfectly balanced the tropical fruits and subtle creamy notes from one third of the wine being aged in French oak barrels – A strong go to wine for me – £26

Chateau Brown Blanc Pessac Leognan 2018
This is perhaps the reason why I went for the whites. I am a red wine Bordeaux lover of wine. I love the Left Bank and all it has to offer, but never to dismiss the Right Bank along the way. I tried to introduce some wines that maybe people were not familiar with, and regions that I thought they should explore. Here is a white from Pessac Leognan, a blend of 70% Sauvignon and 30% Semillon. The wine has an impressive ability to age while retaining fruit and youth for up to a decade. The lively flavours of the Sauvignon are restrained by the fullness of the Semillon. The time spent in oak barrels impart’s tender notes of vanilla in harmony with delicious floral fruits. It is an intense wine, firm in the mouth and full bodied and a finish which just lingered with me. – I love this wine – £59

Chateau La Tour De Mons Margaux 2016
Now for some fun. Time to test all with a blind tasting. A red from which bank, Right or Left. Aah that was the question. We had covered the Right and Left Bank well over the last few weeks, so I asked all to choose – Right Bank or Left and when chosen – what region from that chosen. The room was buzzing and so well done all for getting into the mix and giving your best. Many chose the Left Bank which was correct, but none chose the commune. A stunning Margaux – Chateau La Tour De Mons. A gorgeous, rich, powerful and balanced wine. Bottled in 2018 and yet already tasting in my view really well. With silky tannins and full of power and flesh, with utterly gorgeous black fruits. By now you probably know, I am a Margaux lover! – Delicious – £69

Sauternes Les Mingets 2019
Well our final round up could not leave out The Sauternes, an appellation which covers four other communes and was part of the 1855 classification. This rich and concentrated dessert wine, with a luscious character and intense flavours reminded me of caramelized fruits, pear, melon and almond. ( I confess – I tasted it again when all was finished ). – £19.50

We end our Bordeaux journey with some comments from those that were with us.

A journey with Sonny was a truly pleasurable experience. The white wines were mouth-poppingly delicious.
Normally a white wine drinker, the Bordeaux reds have awakened dormant taste buds, Thank you !”
– Verit Spencer –

“The wine tastings have been an educational journey thoroughly enjoyed. I have loved the excellent choices of wine week after week. I have tasted my way through all of Bordeaux and discovered that I favour the wines from the Right Bank over those of the Left Bank with the exception of the Margaux of course. I am very surprised and pleased with how much I have learned in such a short space of time”
– Funmi –

“It is a joy to meet with interested people and to gain the benefit of your extensive knowledge. My advice to others – It is good to take it at your own pace and get from the session whatever you feel is good for you.
– Jane Broadbent –

“Fabulous 5 week tour of the amazing wines from the Bordeaux region brilliantly led by Sonny. Many, many thanks. Learn’t such a lot by returning to the same region over several weeks. It was just a shame that I got the blind tasting wrong!”
– Richard Laughlin –

“Hi Sonny – thanks so much again for a great series!The tour through Bordeaux has only strengthened my appreciation for the region, providing a deeper understanding of the geography, history and terroir that enhances the tasting experience. It’s great to be able to able to know and describe the features that appeal to me beyond just when I think it ‘tastes good’. A masterclass on Bordeaux for which we owe a big thank you to Sonny for sharing his time and experience. Thoughtfully laid out, with great wines and the added pleasure of great company.”
– Charles McLeod –

Many thanks all
Join us next week for the beginning of our venture through the Loire

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